There are many ways to understand your users and what they want. Perhaps you have developed an understanding from years of experience or you just have a remarkable ability to read people. However, to truly unlock data about your users and make it actionable, obtaining product usage data is key. Easy enough, right?

Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound easy. The good news is, it actually is simple enough to accomplish and is very effective in your sales and marketing efforts. We’ll take a look at why product usage data is so important to unlocking user data, but first, let’s take a look at how product usage data can be obtained and what kind of data you will be able to unlock.

How to Extract Product Usage Data?

Employing an effective user behavior tracking and analytics tool is the best way to learn about your users and extract useful product usage data. With such a tool, you can see exactly how your users are engaging with your product.

user data

User behavior tracking and analytics tools will extract data such as popular and unpopular features, effective and ineffective attributes, where churn occurs, and much more. Once you extract product usage data, there is a whole new level of data that you are able to access.

Data You Can Unlock With Product Usage Data

Now that you’ve extracted this data about your users, you will be able to unlock data such as: When to send messages-Knowing when your users are most active and with which parts of your product can help you time messages appropriately as well as include the right kind of information that will be relevant to them.What features are liked/disliked Extracting product usage data is extremely effective at determining which features are most popular among your users and which are not as popular. This type of data will allow for improvements and the ability to replicate what is working instead of starting from scratch with each feature.

Upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Understanding how users are interacting with your product is also an excellent way to learn of opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to them by determining what else would benefit them based on their behavior when using your product.

Information relevant for onboarding

Having data about product features that are intuitive and those that need more explanation for your users will give you significantly more insight for onboarding new customers. This information can be invaluable for your onboarding process.

A/B testing results

What’s better than implementing A/B testing and waiting for the results? Watching the results of each of your options unfold right before your eyes. This is a great way to step up your A/B testing and get all of the information you need to make actionable decisions for your product.

With this information in mind, now we will explore what you can do with the user data you have unlocked by tracking and analyzing product usage data.

What You Can Do With The Unlocked Data?

Now that you’ve unlocked data through user tracking and behavior analytics, it’s time to put that data to good use. There are numerous advantages to obtaining user data.

user data

Advantages of User Data

Here are some of the most important advantages organizations typically experience:

Identification of Target Customers

With all of the information you have collected about your users, such as when they are active, what they interact with most, what kind of information they would benefit from, and more, you are much better equipped to create buyer personas.
Once you have a buyer persona created, you’ll be able to target potential customers easier and more effectively.

Increased Conversions

The data you compile to help you create your buyer personas will subsequently help you understand your typical customer at a whole new level. With this data, you’ll know what will appeal to your prospects because your customers are already using it successfully, which can ultimately lead to increased conversions.


The specific data you glean from product usage data can help you personalize your customers’ experiences with your product. Ridding your product of features that your users don’t use and focusing on those they do will give them a personalized experience wherever possible.

Increased User Engagement

Product usage data will show you when, where, and how your customers prefer to engage. This will give you an opportunity to engage accordingly or to encourage the same type of engagement from other users.

Better User Experience

With a product that has everything your users could desire, including personalized features and engagement based on their preferences, their user experience will ultimately be improved upon.

Reduced Churn

Determining how engaged specific users are will also help you discover those that interact often and those that may churn. Of course, reduced churn means increased retention and the potential for long-term, loyal users.

Better Drip Campaigns

Product usage data will also give you the information you need to create better drip campaigns since you’ll know how your customers and prospects prefer to be contacted, what they are interested in, and what they are not interested in.


Actionable user data doesn’t have to remain a mystery. Unlocking user data with product usage data extracted by effective user behavior tracking and analytics tools can open many doors. UserTracker is the 500apps solution to user behavior tracking and analytics that includes advanced features to reduce churn and increase user engagement.

When you are able to rely on your users to learn about how to optimize your product, you are able to do so much more without actively reaching out for feedback. Using a cost-effective tool such as UserTracker will help you take that step and bring your SaaS product to the next level.

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