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Identify popular features

Identify popular features

UserTracker’s dashboard displays your top five features and how often they’ve been used. Tweak marketing and onboarding campaigns around your leading features and increase your engagement and conversion rates.

Pinpoint product bottlenecks

See what features users aren’t engaging with often or at all. Quickly analyze the features and where most users’ activities stop or become infrequent with UserTracker’s product analytics tools.

Pinpoint product bottlenecks

Prioritize feature optimization

With data about features that are driving retention and causing potential bottlenecks, prioritize what features need attention. Optimize your features to create a more user-centric product.

Prioritize feature optimization

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Multi app analytics

Multi-app analytics

Behavioral and product analytics for multiple products in one app. Easily capture data from all your products without feeling overwhelmed. Set app rules, features, and attributes for a thorough understanding of why users churn or retain when they do

Bird’s-eye and in-depth feature reports

Get a granular-level and overview of your features and how users are engaging with them. See at-a-glance what apps are generating the most engagement. Then dig deep into your data and identify your most prominent features and its corresponding attributes.

Bird’s-eye and in-depth feature reports


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One of the most versatile tools out there in the market. It covers the essentials you might need for your day to day social media
Mathilda Foster

Director - Sales

Its a really useful platform and our social media activity has been much better in terms of both organization and analytics.
Steven Ortega

Marketing Manager


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