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Track and analyze user interactions

  • Click-based link tracking.

  • Track website user traffic.

  • Segment users for targeted campaigns.

  • Increase retention and boost revenue.

best user analytics software

Behavior Analytics

Get information about how people use your website, what they don't like, where people come from, what pages get traffic, and how you can improve their experience by making your website better.

behavior analytics
user insights

User Insights

User Insights are the simplest approach to understanding your consumers' perceptions of your website.

feature enagement

Feature Enagement

Get a comprehensive view of what’s your most and least prominent features. Identify what top and bottom five features users are visiting the most and least, respectively.

data-driven predictions

Data-driven Predictions

Analyze consumer behaviour to spot patterns. Predict churning and conversion based on comparable users. Boost retention rates by evaluating data and optimizing website.

evaluate campaigns

Evaluate Campaigns

Monitor how your marketing campaigns are performing using real-time usage data. Examine our dashboard to determine if you’ve had a recent spike in activity levels recently.

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Analytics Dashboard

Allows real-time website performance monitoring. Web analytics dashboards clearly display website data.

analytics dashboard
real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Make use of the analytical dashboard and monitor website traffic and clicks to know how much time visitors are spending on the website in real-time.

engaged time per visitor

Engaged Time Per Visitor

Create a logical order of your visitors, clicks by analyzing and determining data from visitor video recordings.

daily email reports

Daily Email Reports

Get a detailed report of the website performance which includes visitors, clicks and sign-ups for your website.

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Unlimited Websites

Improve website content and keep track of website visits. With infinite websites where you may add different websites and keep track of visitors at one interface.

unlimited websites
manage multiple websites

Manage Multiple Websites

Manage multiple websites in one place, track the visitors, and also track where the clicks are happening on your website.

add or delete websites

Add or Delete Websites

Manage the amount of data tracked by adding and removing websites. With the tracking list, you can keep track of any modifications made to a website.

visitors tracking

Visitors Tracking

Tracking website users involves capturing and evaluating their actions. This data may be utilized to enhance the website by learning what users want and how they use it.

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Create automations on your website to track user behaviour. This vital information aids in creating user-friendly websites.

create workflow

Create Workflow

Create workflows seamlessly with Usertracker. Automation is now simplified so that you can create unlimited automation workflows for your website and enhance user interactions

track user engagement

Track User Engagement

Discover the best approach to critical user activities to help boost conversion rates. Determine the high and low-performing user segments, as well as the processes that produce friction.

analyze conversion trends

Analyze Conversion Trends

Analyze sudden changes in conversions and get on-the-spot information about which users are making them happen. Then we can send them personalized messages through our technology partners.

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User Tracking

Identifying your website visitors, their geo-location, and who suggested them, as well as tracking their behaviour on your website, such as pages visited, time spent on each page, and visits.

user tracking
click to action

Click to Action

Usertracker software displays how visitors engage with the items on each website page. For more tailored analysis and tracking, the application can further segregate these users based on their origin traffic source.

track user data

Track User Data

Determine the optimal technique for essential user activities in order to increase conversion rates. Determine which user segments perform well and which perform poorly, as well as the processes that cause friction.

assign task

Assign Task

Make sure everything functions properly and attracts users before releasing a website or adding new pieces. This helps determine whether users have engaged with an element, link, etc.

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Create a rule for your website to watch visitors click on features or a button and make a track of clicks and enhance them to gain more conversions.

click rule

Click Rule

Click rule is an easy and accurate way to collect information on user behaviour. See what works on your website, and what could be improved,

ajax rule

Ajax Rule

Create or edit the ajax rule and know what the visitors are doing and track whether they are using the function or not.

event type

Event Type

Event type is used to know what type of event it is as there are different types of events like ID and Class where the buttons are classified into this.

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