Behavior Analytics

Behavioural analytics tool is used to track user preferences and direct visitors to targeted content. it is used to drive potential traffic to a specific feature

Analytics Dashboard

Make advantage of our analytics dashboard to keep track of visitors and their behaviorĀ on your website in order to increase user interest.

Unlimited Websites

Add multiple websites and track them how the user behave in one single dashboard


Create customized automation using the drag-n-drop nodes with which you can give conductin to help you to track the clicks on the buttons of the websites

User Tracking

You can track user behavior based on the goals that you have set for your website or campaign.


Create rules for your website to keep track of which visitors are using certain features and to monitor traffic.

Customer Retention

Customer retention that helps you spot and address problems so you can stop churn before it's too late, powered by 500apps.

Customer Onboarding

Provide a tailored experience to your new customers with better customer onboarding to improve engagement and retention.